Embedding Videos Comparison

How Vines, Instagram Videos, Youtube Videos, Vimeos and Daily Motions compare when embedded.


The only one of the five that plays automatically and continues to loop, basically mimicking a gif. It blends in completely seamlessly and has no controls other than the volume, meaning it requires no user interaction.



A video posted by Joe Towner (@townstagram) on

Discreet frame with a profile link and some counters, requires prompting to start playback and has zero controls other than play and stop, not even a mute button.


The classic YouTube player, the top navigation bar disappears when you start playing, but the main controls don’t. Allows you to watch other videos in the same player once the original has ended. Has full screen option.


Very sleek looking video player, simple volume, play/stop and full screen controls. As well as some share/like buttons, all of which disappear when you hover away. Quality in full screen is amazing.

Daily Motion!

Slightly clunkier version of the Youtube player with play, volume and full screen options and share buttons, all of which disappear during playback.

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